'Parasite' actor Lee Sun-kyun found dead at park in Seoul

발행인 윤태선 승인 2023.12.27 16:46 의견 0
Lee Sun-kyun / STANDARD NEWS

Lee Sun-kyun, an actor who has been going through police questioning on suspicions of drug use, took his own life in a car parked in Jongno District in central Seoul on Wednesday, the police said.

According to the police and fire authorities on that day, Lee was discovered dead in a parked car near a Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul. In the passenger seat of the gray SUV where Lee was found, used charcoal briquettes were also discovered.

According to the police and fire authorities, at around 10:02 AM on that day, they received a report through 112 that "After leaving home, there has been no contact from (Lee)," and the report was made by Lee's manager, Mr. Lee. Lee had written a will the day before and left home, not returning.

According to acquaintances of Lee, they said, "Contact has not been made since last night, so people around him continued to search." In response, the fire department received a joint request around 10:30 AM and immediately transported Lee's body to the hospital after discovering it in the car.

Since the beginning of this year, Lee had been under investigation for drug use, at the residence of Ms. Kim (29), a hostess of a high-end bar in Gangnam. He had consistently denied the charges, claiming that he took the drugs, given to him by A, thinking they were sleeping pills, and had no intention of using durg.

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